Which Classic Advert Character Are You?

You know those annoying quizzes in your Facebook feed that you hate but always end up doing? In the last few months, I found out which superhero I am (Wonder Woman) and what breed of dog I was in a previous life (Greyhound, which is actually wrong. I would have been a Golden Retriever).

As an ad man, it would be unthinkable to miss out on exploiting a hot trend, which is why I present the Sad Men book’s exciting new quiz, “Which Classic Advert Character are You?”

In this exhaustively researched and eerily accurate psychological test, you’ll discover your match with one of the characters from these classic ads below.

Just click this link to take the quiz. (Since it’s a Facebook quiz, you’ll have to login to your Facebook account if you’re not already.)

Here’s to time well wasted!

Cadbury Smash Martian

The Milkybar Kid

The Real Fires Dog

Joan Collins from the Cinzano Ads

The Milk Tray Man

Paul Hogan in Fosters Beer Ads

Want MORE? Browse the Sad Men video playlist, which has all the classic adverts from the book in one handy place. Click here: ADS FROM SAD MEN



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