The Second Ever “Sad Men Worst Ad of the Week Award”

Living in America means constant exposure to local adverts, most of which are harmless enough, if a bit shouty. Patriotism is a common theme with plenty of flag waving, but recently Cadillac have upped the ante by combining this with a thinly-veiled attack on those lazy French people.

It shows a bloke from Desperate Housewives wandering around his very expensive house, extolling the virtues of hard work and taking short holidays. Because obviously, if you work hard in America, as opposed to France where people take four weeks holiday, you’ll be able to afford a Cadillac.



The First Ever “Sad Men Worst Ad of the Week Award”

I am no stranger to using rap in an advert selling financial services in a “dad-trying-to-be-down-with-the-kids” kind of way. (Evidence for this can be found in chapter 25 of Sad Men.) But I have never stooped as low as the Halifax did in 2010, when they showed a couple of call centre drones suddenly bursting into their face-palming version of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice, Baby.” Vanilla Ice!

And that is why I am awarding the Halifax the inaugural Sad Men Worst Ad of the Week Award.

If you have an advert you wish to nominate, from the either the past or present, just let me know. Submit a comment or email